Old Way: Self-Sabotaging Relationship Attitudes

If you have any, I mean any negative association to a relationship, acting in your mind as an invisible barrier, you will look for ways to flee from any relationship you come across. Allow me to check in with you. Do the followings sound familiar to you? If any of those questions sound g by in your relationship.

  • Do you feel misunderstood and invisible at times?

  • Do you believe you need help to overcome your relationship's disappointments?

  • Do you argue and fight with your mate often and thing that you are wright and they just don't get it?

  • Do you get frustrated at time and complain because you are tire to repeat things you feel fall in deaf ear?

The New WAY: You Are Grounded Emotionally

Daily Excitement; Comfortable Body; Sharp Mind.

  • Upon committing to the Six Secret Ingredients and completing the program, you will find your authentic self and experience a personal awakening of your body, heart, and mind.  

  • You will profoundly understand yourself, and your vulnerability becomes your strength.
  • And you unmute your voice and find harmony in your relationship.

  • You will notice some transformation in your sensibility, and every inch of bitterness in your heart will become an abundance of LOVE.

  • You liberate yourself from destructive routines and replace hidden obstacles with a new relationship narrative that begins with self.

  • You transition smoothly to intimacy and peace in your relationship, wearing your hat of Victor, a symbol of pride in your newfound strength and resilience without therapy.

Community of Like-Minded Hearts

"Loving yourself is not selfish; it's necessary."

Thursday at noon Eastern USA. In this sacred space, you're never alone on your transformative journey. It's more than group coaching; it's a haven where kindred spirits unite, sharing understanding and unwavering support. Receive real-time guidance for your questions and heartfelt discussions about the Secret Sauce with our dedicated JA Coach after each transformative Ingredient or Course. Our Relationship Rescue Coaching Program is a soulful voyage, guiding you to unravel the depths of your being, cultivating tools to nurture wealthy (well + healthy) connections with yourself first and, subsequently, with others. Join us, and let the symphony of shared experiences bring profound healing to your soul.

Transform Your Relationship Story: Break Free from the Pattern

Swap the Invisible Barrier for a fresh Relationship Narrative where You take center stage. Venture into the inner journey, wielding the "Six Secret Ingredients" that guide you to wear your Victor Hat.




Create Harmony and Surrender to Wholeness

  • $2,100.00
  • 35 lessons
  • "Learn to set healthy boundaries and protect your emotional and physical well-being."
  • "Learn to prioritize self-care and nurture your relationship with yourself."
  • "Cultivate gratitude and appreciation for yourself and your life to increase happiness and fulfillment."

What Clients Are Saying!

For confidential consideration, we do not display clients' pictures.

“The best thing about Jacqueline’s coaching was the patience. The ability to listen and give feedback without intercepting the thought and allowing me to figure it out for myself!”

Collins N.

“Through coaching sessions with Jacqueline, I gained: Clarity - The ability to talk through a situation in a judgment-free environment - Strategies for when necessary - Help to identify and to dig into underlying issues (e.g., inner gremlins, limiting belief systems)”

Tara M.

“I continue to learn from her every day. She helped me understand that each situation in life teaches me something and helps me grow. She helped me discover how to manage our household on all levels well: health, economic, spiritual. Thanks to her, I can honestly say that I have become a better father and the best husband. I thank this exceptional lady that we all affectionately call “Mother Jacqueline.””

Durand N.

“I was angry and blamed everyone else, but me for my relationship struggles. Initially skeptical of Relationship Rescue Coaching, I feel like a new person after just a few sessions. I took responsibility for my actions. I no longer yell and scream at my children. We are playing and doing fun and collective activities. Through the program, JA Coach has helped me understand and love myself in a way I never thought was possible.”

Nelly T.

“Relationship Rescue coaching helped me become aware of a childhood trauma I harbored. My fifth-grade teacher compelled me to eat mud to punish me for coming late. It went on for the entire academic year. I was taking care of my sick dad, who unfortunately passed away. As a result of this abuse, I muted my voice until I started coaching with JA Coach. I currently speak up and am using my experience to help others. I became very protective of my children. ”

Raissa S.

“I struggled with self-doubt and negative self-talk before I started the Relationship Rescue Coaching program. I discovered that I was reacting emotionally to situations, which was getting the best of me. I gained control over my emotions and tamed the manipulation. I now feel confident and empowered in my relationship with myself.”

Stanis N.

"Priceless: Investing in Your Relationship with Yourself Is Worth Every Penny"

Seize this opportunity to prioritize yourself, gear up for the world, embrace your uniqueness, and confidently wear your Victor Hat.

Meet Your Coach

Certified Life and Business Coach



Dedicated relationship rescue coach Jacqueline Tchouassi Audige, known as JA Coach, passionately guides countless individuals on their journey to wholeness. Drawing from personal struggles and a 27-year marriage, she developed the Six Secret Ingredients to create successful relationship patterns, interrupt self-defeating behaviors, and awaken the body, heart, and mind. After finding peace in her relationship with herself, JA Coach made it her mission to help others avoid the turmoil she experienced. Through unwavering support, she assists individuals in profound inner journeys, transforming their relationship with themselves and achieving alignment. In Rockville, Maryland, JA Coach is an entrepreneur, education champion, and Life and Business Coach committed to helping others find fulfillment.